Hiromi Katayama


Botanical Drawing
-Pencil HB
-Drawing paper or Watercolor paper
-Micron ink Black 05,03 ( SAKURA)
-Flowers that you wish to paint
-Watercolor Set *Option
-Pastel * Option

Sumi/Oriental Painting Class
-Sumi Painting paper (Rice Paper Pad)
-Felt (Black) bigger than paper
-Bamboo brush round (Small, middle size and large)
-Water Container
-Paper Towels
-Weight for rice Paper
-Sumi Ink Bottle(if you prefer you can bring ink stone and ink stick)
-If you want to you can bring Chinese watercolor for Sumi painting

Outside Painting Class
-Sketch papers
-Watercolor (acrylics) set or oil set
-Chair, mat , etc for your set up
-Pencils for sketch
-Paper or Canvas
-Water container

Watercolor and Pastel Painting
-Watercolor paint at lease 12 colors (I like Holbein watercolor myself)
-Watercolor paper pad 140Ib 300gsm no smaller than 11 x 14”
-Watercolor brushes
-Watercolor palette
-Towel / Paper towel
-Pencil 2b and 4n
-Masking tape or painters tape
-Water container
-Pencil Pastel ( I like Conte brand: those are soft pencil pastel) / if not pastel whatever you have