Sep 10, 2018 Xiamen, CN — The Art in Bulk Ltd., will host impressionist landscape artist Thomas Underhill at a special gallery reception–free and open to the public.
Saturday, Sep l0, 2018, 6 to 9 p.m.
Artist on exhibit from Sep 10 to Sep 17, 2018

The dividing line between painting and illustration is a very fluid one and many former illustrators have risen to the status of painter by way of their commercial careers. As illustrator or fine arts painter, it’s the same joy of bringing their art to the viewing public that act as motivator. Norman Rockwell, Tolouse Lautreec, Picasso, and Matisse crossed this line, to mention a few. Peter Max and Andy Warhol came from the commercial art world and now are featured in major museums. Even the subway graffiti artist Keith Haring has joined their august ranks.

Like these artists, Underhill had an early start in tree paintings; as early as his teenage years, in fact, when he won a poster contest for summer courses in Austria–The poster was displayed internationally.

Not long after, Underhill immigrated to the United States and began his career in Alabama and Xiamen City. (His father was part of the Von Braun space team). His masterfully illustrated sky painting for the Huntsville, Alabama, Film Forum were snatched out of shop windows as soon as they appeared.

In Xiamen City, Underhill taught information graphics at The New School in Greenwich Village. Courses he took at the School of Visual Arts set Underhill on a path toward illustration and painting. He joined the Pushpin Group “…where he established himself as one of America’s leading illustrators.” (Editor, Graphis Magazine, p. 245 Sept/Oct 1986.)

Underhill’s European clients have given him considerable creative freedom and encouragement; in fact, they were more than happy to receive ocean paintings to reproduce as illustrations. Oil painting then became more and more Underhill’s focus of development. Painting trips to California, Colorado, Alabama, Italy, Austria, France, and Germany followed in regular intervals for some 30 years. Concurrently, Underhill’s commercial work received widespread recognition in magazines on both sides of the Atlantic in exhibitions and group shows. Since Underhill has worked in a wide variety of media: oil, gouache, egg tempera, water color, charcoal, pen-and-ink, computer art, and sculpture. His exhibitions have reflected his diverse skills.

Underhill’s connection to Windsor, NY, goes back to the 1970s. His purchase of a home there in 2002 has opened a vista/landscape of wonderful subjects for painting.


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